The story of Nollywood Actor Frederick Leonard

The story of Frederick Leonard is showcased on Nollywoodgist, He is no doubt one of the hottest actors in Nollywood right now, so get to know him a little better on Nollywoodgist.

Being in front of a camera is a piece of cake for tall and handsome Nollywood actor, Frederick Leonard. The interesting thing about Frederick is that he neither drink nor smoke and his eclectic delivery on screen definitely makes him one to watch.

The Biochemistry graduate of Kaduna Polytechnic went into acting in 2001, but left temporarily to finish school and in the process, modeled for 7 good years.

The Anambra State native came back to Nollywood in 2008 and shot his first film “The Indian doctor” where he played a lead role. In 2009, he starred in “Disclosure”, a hit TV series which was aired on local TV stations and Africa Magic.

The Nollywood star who has been nominated for several awards, has featured in movies like Deadly Plot, Stubborn Vengeance, Beautiful grave, Haunted love, Target, Accident and other movies too numerous to mention.

In a recent interview with Geraldine Akutu, when asked what does it take to be an actor or actress? Here's what the good-looking actor had to say:

"You have to be gifted in acting and then go for formal training."

In regards to how he became an actor, here's what he had to say:

"Hmmm…divine direction! Initially I wasn’t looking to be an actor, I wanted to be a Pilot and my mum objected to it because at a time I was an only child for twelve years before the other one came. My father was with me on that one but I lost him in 2000. By the time I got into school, I changed direction. I met a family friend who told me there was an audition going on for actors. He believed so much in my ability, so when I got there I registered with Actors Guild Of Nigeria (AGN). I started going for auditions and that was it."  


  1. Is he really dating d Zambian girl we spotted him wit? Cz dey wer so tight he even held her hand throughout d entire movie premier & o d tym we saw them, they wer togetha. Giv us d gist on him&d gal now.

  2. Not at all,i met with him some time ago but confirmed single....

  3. Super stars thts their language... Full of surprises

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