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Click this link to subscribe to us In this suspenseful masterpiece, the dead body of a certain wealthy woman who was gruesomely murdered was suddenly found within her home. The situation obviously mounts fear and tension within the house as all members of the household including her husband, step son and stewards are suspects. As police goes deeper in search of the killer of Mrs Benards, more shocking and interesting pages of the story are opened. Cast: Zach Orji, Ken Erics Ugo, Jane Obi and Jennifer Ezeodili Producer:Nwankwo Michael Director: Good news Erico Isika Nollyqueens is a top Nigerian Nollywood movie channel on youtube and website, we give you the very best latest, New nigerian movies, all you will get from us is just new movies 2018 movie and we also have some classic movies like 2017 movies, 2016 movies and even 2010 movies, all you need to do is to stay with us always. you can also watch our exclusive interview with top Nollywood actors like Jim…

"I remember being paid N500 or even not being paid" - Actress Uche OgbodoOpens Up

Uche Ogbodo has been in the entertainment industry for over ten years and is considered one of the most popular actresses in Nollywood.

However, before reaching stardom, the actress was a struggling actress going from one audition to another, which ended up in petty roles with little or no pay.

In an inspiring post shared on Instagram, the mother of one recalls her struggles when she was starting in showbiz.

"Today, With all the Negative Things going On In this Our beautiful World, e.g. #nigeriaeconomy#hurricaneharvey etc ., I choose to Give Somebody Somewhere HOPE! I will share this story with you because I know you need to hear it, A Story behind the Hustle that Many of Us would dare not share. The journey to success and fame is a Very long road, There is nothing like Over night Success. Sometimes many people are not prepared enough mentally before embarking on this path to achieve their dreams and after so many Ups & Downs, disappointments , they give UP on their dreams,forgetting that the aftermath of Success is the footprints. you leave for those people who idolize you as their Role Models. On a Daily , I received countless comments on my feeds , emails and DMs from FANS telling me how much I inspire them and how they want to grow up to be like me someday and this sometimes breaks Me and make me Cry tears of joy, because I too ,almost gave up on this Dream a lot of times in the past! Those days in the past when I would turn up for auditions at Naiko hotels & MacDavos hotels as Far back as 2007 in Enugu and end up with just Party Scene roles. I also would always remember being paid N500 naira a countless times & even not being paid in so many jobs as well , Even when my Father got fed up with the whole system and asked me to Quit & go back to school because he didn't see any hope of me making it ! But I was PERSISTENT and Kept BELIEVING! Now , Many Years Fast-forward, many people think I did it without Blinking! Take A look At What HARD-WORK , PERSISTENCE & PERSEVERANCE can do, FAME & SUCCESS Came , broke barriers beyond Limit for Me.? So To "YOU" Out there, trying to live your dreams and become Somebody In Life , don't stop believing that "YOU " Can ! No matter What people Say , Never Give Up, Keep Pushing, and Success will embrace You Tomorrow, then you too can be called Over Night Success , hahahaha. So see you at the other Side.

Yours Sincerely UCHE OGBODO

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