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Click this link to subscribe to us In this suspenseful masterpiece, the dead body of a certain wealthy woman who was gruesomely murdered was suddenly found within her home. The situation obviously mounts fear and tension within the house as all members of the household including her husband, step son and stewards are suspects. As police goes deeper in search of the killer of Mrs Benards, more shocking and interesting pages of the story are opened. Cast: Zach Orji, Ken Erics Ugo, Jane Obi and Jennifer Ezeodili Producer:Nwankwo Michael Director: Good news Erico Isika Nollyqueens is a top Nigerian Nollywood movie channel on youtube and website, we give you the very best latest, New nigerian movies, all you will get from us is just new movies 2018 movie and we also have some classic movies like 2017 movies, 2016 movies and even 2010 movies, all you need to do is to stay with us always. you can also watch our exclusive interview with top Nollywood actors like Jim…

Review of Nollywood Movie Titled MY THREE KIDS & I.

"MY THREE KIDS & I" is a very interesting family movie that you will love to watch.It is produced by Onyeka Okpeze and Directed by Vincent.D.Anointed.It stars Osita Oluchukwu,Tim Ebuka,Saintaino Iyke,Dammy Eke.
At the first glance,the title suggests that it will probably be  a story of one family,but there is much more to it.This home movie follows the story-line of two different families,their daily affairs,their challenges and how they deal with it.
Donald is successful in his career, a loving husband,and and a caring father who prioritize his home,but his wife is his major challenge.The first few scenes portrays Donald's wife as a stern,nonchalant,and arrogant woman who cares more about her "sugar boy" than her children.
The opposite is what we see in the family of David,whose father is wicked and callous,and finds every opportunity to humiliate his wife and taunt his son about his medical condition.Meanwhile,the wife is such a lovely woman who wants to keep her family intact despite her husband extramarital affairs.We get to see so many despicable activities going on in these families that you will find yourself asking 'Is this love or are they under a spell" Nevertheless,we know things like that happens in some families.
Having a complex plot the director did a good job by making sure the actions were precise and straight to the point which makes the movie flow very well to the delight of the viewers. Remarkably,this movie is an ensemble in the best sense;everyone has something to offer including the kids who excellently interpreted the roles with the right gestures needed which is certainly a plus  for such movies with kids playing major roles..
"MY THREE KIDS & I boasts of great acting from the cast,excellent production;good enough for you to overlook the unconvincing performances like the robbery scene, were the kids were seen smiling and the weird prank played by Donald in order to find out if his wife is having an affair,the idea was good but the prank was off the box.This movie is rated 8|10.

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