Monkey swallowed 70 million belonging to Northern Senators Forum.

What is really going on in this country! Just  few days ago,the story about a snake swallowing N36 million went viral and just now Monkeys have been accused of swallowing N70 million belonging to Northern Senators Forum.

Senator Shehu Sani from Kaduna State has alleged that a monkey swallowed N70 million from the farm of senator Abdullahi Adamu. 

Meanwhile Adamu was sacked Wednesday as chairman of the group following claims that he embezzled funds of the forum. 

Speaking to National Assembly correspondents after Adamu's removal,Sani said,

There are some things some of my colleagues will not say but I’m not used to holding back. When we assumed office, Senator Ahmed Lawan tendered the sum of N70 million to the 8t Senate. That N70 million was money gathered from the 7th Senate. It was handed over to northern senators of 8th Senate. The rumours going round, which I don’t know whether it’s true but I believe other senators know, is the fact that there were allegations that some monkeys raided the farm house of some of the executives of the northern senators forum and carted away some of these money. I think, this country is becoming a huge joke. First of all, it was the rodents that drove away the president and then we now have snakes consuming about N36 million and now we have monkeys raiding farm house. So, they don’t want this to be said but I believe that we should be very clear” he said

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