ABOMINATION!!! Ken Erics Has Committed an Abomination

 Watch Season 1 - https://youtu.be/44ylqv7sVG4 Watch Season 2 - https://youtu.be/dilDfls1N-o Click this link to subscribe to us https://goo.gl/XXwPwJ When the love, happiness and Joy disappears in a lovely home , the family is left with nothing but tears and hope in God that things will turn around! He is rich and famous, married to a beautiful loving and caring wife, the mother's love is everlasting and evergreen... but an abomination has been committed in the family which has no cure but to live with it forever! this movie will evoke the anger in you as the lord the family looks upon has no answer to their cry .... You can't miss this. a movie we are very proud of! Abomination! Starring Ken Erics, Ngozi Ezeonu, Sharon Francis,Smith Nnebi showing on 31st August , 2018
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